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How much can a magnet absorb?

How much can a magnet absorb?

There are many similar topics. Many customers ask how many Gauss magnets can absorb multiple things and how far can magnets absorb? There are also questions like how much magnetic force a magnet has, and so on. These are very unprofessional questions. Why?

Because the Gauss magnet is not computable with the product that can absorb multiple loads and how far it can absorb. It’s not that the larger the Gauss magnet is, the greater its suction will be. The multiple loads a magnet can absorb depends on the magnet’s specification, shape, and magnetization method, as well as how to absorb (horizontal suction? Vertical suction?) Can’t a single surface magnetism explain anything?

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Some friends may not understand, for example: small magnet 5000gs, can absorb 0.8kg. The large magnet 1000gs can absorb 100kg instead, so it is also related to its volume (contact surface).
Write in the end: the same magnet specification, the larger the surface Gauss value, stronger magnetic.



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