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How many days does it take to produce square NdFeB magnets?

There are no more than two kinds of shapes in the magnet market, one is the circular magnet, the other is the square magnet. Because it is more conventional and common, the general magnet manufacturers can produce it, and the price is not enough. Especially for those who have no requirements for magnets, what they care about is just a price. In addition to the price, the delivery time is also a factor that affects the transaction. Many customers often ask the question: how fast does the delivery time of your square magnet need?

How many days does it take to produce square magnets?

Because it takes about 10-12 days to form a square magnet, if you want to make it, you can make it a week in advance.
Neodymium iron boron square magnet and disc magnet which price is more expensive?
Square magnets are relatively expensive. Is it more expensive? Yes, the square magnet is more expensive than the circular magnet, which depends on the processing technology.
Those who know something about magnets all know that when magnets are not processed, they are raw material blanks. Square magnets are square blanks, and disc magnets are cylindrical blanks. From above, we can see that my circular discs are formed by cutting one knife with a slicer, and there is no waste. However, for square magnets, I have to process three knives, and there is more waste.



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