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How long can the magnetic properties of NdFeB last?

Today, a lot of friends who use magnets are concerned about a problem, how long can NdFeB magnetic be maintained?

1554344116663852 - How long can the magnetic properties of NdFeB last?

How long will it last? If it is kept at proper temperature and humidity without strong external magnetic field, radiation and other factors affecting its magnetic properties, its magnetic properties can be maintained almost forever.
We should know the main factors affecting the magnetism of NdFeB magnets: temperature and oxidation.
When the temperature exceeds the working temperature range of the magnet, the magnetism of the magnet will weaken or even disappear. When the electroplated coating is damaged, the part inside will be oxidized, and the magnetism of the magnet will also be weakened. If they are not exposed to any of these conditions, the magnet will still lose its magnetism, but this degradation is very slow, reducing by one percentage point every ten years. Therefore, as long as they are used correctly, there is no worry about demagnetization of the magnet.



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