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How is the powerful disc magnet made?

As we all know, magnets come in various shapes, such as square, round, strip, ring, tile and so on. Among them, the wafer is the most common one. How is the powerful magnet wafer made?
At the beginning, like you now, I knew nothing about magnets. After learning and understanding, I learned that the production method of disk magnet is slicing with cylindrical materials, which can be produced and processed according to the diameter and thickness required by customers.

If you are careful with magnets, you will also find out why disk magnets have a large circular surface with strong suction. What’s the matter?

20151221 102120 - How is the powerful disc magnet made?

In fact, this is determined according to the magnetization direction of the magnet. Generally, the conventional magnetization method is axial magnetization with more radial magnetization. The strong suction of the large circular surface just mentioned belongs to axial magnetization, that is, magnetization in the thickness direction. And then there is multipole magnetization.
In addition, the surface of the magnet is white. Are there any other colors? How did you do it?
This is processed by electroplating, according to the specific requirements of customers to electroplating color, such as electroplating copper, chromium, gold, black zinc, blue white zinc, epoxy resin. Its surface plating is not the same, its color is not the same, its storage time is not the same, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
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