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How is the big and small head magnet produced?

There are always things that make you curious? There are always some things you want to know, as a factory some engineering procurement, sometimes you will ask you have this specification of large and small head magnet? How long does the production cycle of big and small head magnets take? And the question of thorough will ask how the big and small head magnet is produced? Now let’s learn about the production steps of big and small head magnets.

1465876418747153 - How is the big and small head magnet produced?

First of all, we are a magnet manufacturer. We can produce all kinds of customized strong magnets and special-shaped strong magnets, from raw materials to finished products. Of course, we usually have commonly used materials, such as the most commonly used N35 material.

How is the big and small head magnet produced?

1465876426253898 - How is the big and small head magnet produced?
Step 1: slice
With the raw material of the column, take to the slicing workshop processing into the thickness of the customer needs. Our slicing workshop works almost 24 hours a day.
Step 2: polishing
The black piece cut out from the raw material is cylindrical. How can it become big or small? This also requires a process, that is, to enter the grinding workshop, one by one hand to process the finished product into open shape, so the time is a few days slower than the cylindrical magnet, and the price will be a little more expensive. If your product needs to be tailored to make this kind of large and small head magnet, it’s best to find us.
Step 3: chamfer electroplating
After grinding, the big and small head magnets need to be inverted. Finally, they are sent to the electroplating side. After half a day, they will be plated with nickel for you (the electroplating time is based on the list of the electroplating factory). Nickel plating on magnets is the most popular color with good brightness and suitable price. It mainly plays the role of protecting magnets from oxidation.
Step 4: magnetization
The electroplated magnets are returned to the packaging workshop and wrapped in paper for magnetization.



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