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How high is the maximum magnetic force of the magnet?

On the magnetic force of the magnet, Gauss has always been a lot of questions, such as the magnetic force of the magnet can be charged how high? How many Gs are there? This kind of question is often asked by a lot of new customers.

At present, the magnetic force on the surface of the magnet is mainly based on the magnetic flux density, the unit is Gauss (Gauss) or Tesla (T), and this value (surface Gauss value) depends on the material and thickness, in terms of thickness magnetization, the thickness of the thick, the magnetic force will be higher.

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At present, the strongest rare-earth NdFeB magnet, most of the magnetic field in 2000-4000GS, we have done for customers, the highest magnetic force is more than 5000 gauss, it is difficult to 6000. However, a special arrangement of super-strong magnetic tools (bar/rack) has a magnetic force of 12,000 to 15,000 gauss.
※ 1 mT =10 Gauss
The above is the introduction of the maximum gaussian value of the magnet. The gaussian value of each specification and size shall prevail with the measured measurement.



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