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How far can a strong NdFeB magnet absorb at most?

Recently, John’s attention has been aroused by the problem of the magnet bar. The problems are as follows: the specific specifications of the strong magnet I want are as follows: round or square, 30 to 80 cm in diameter, not more than 5 mm in thickness, and can absorb 50 grams of iron beyond one meter. Is that possible?

Is there a definition of how far a powerful magnet can absorb?

1467344399420605 - How far can a strong NdFeB magnet absorb at most?

In fact, this question simply can not give an accurate answer. The attraction of a magnet is roughly proportional to the square of the distance. Relatively speaking, the larger the surface area of a magnet, the more magnetic induction lines there are in space, and the longer the distance of attraction.
Guess you focus on: how far is the maximum distance of a magnet to attract things
This is related to the magnetic field strength of the magnet and the mass of the object being sucked. There is no specific fixed value.
According to the magnetic force of the magnet to determine how far to hold the iron needle. As far as NdFeB permanent magnet is concerned, a 40 * 15 * 2mm long piece of magnet is about 4mm, which is the limit distance of iron absorption.



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