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How does magnet earnail take long earache to do?

With the continuous progress of the times, now people have gone from full to delicious health, eating is like this, clothing, housing and transportation are still like this.
The research found that the role of magnetism is still quite large, so there are many products about magnetism, such as magnetic bra, magnetic pillow, mattress, insole, socks, earrings and so on.
Now many women begin to use magnet earrings, but one of the more common problems is that they have ear pain and itching after using magnet earrings.

How does magnet earnail take long earache to do?

20151202 111616 - How does magnet earnail take long earache to do?This is generally due to the pressure of the meat, slowly used to good, magnet earnails wear for a long time on the pressure of blood vessels have little impact. Magnetic ear nail is generally a small magnet, magnetic induction intensity is not large, there is no serious impact on human brain, you can use it at ease.

What do you do with magnet ear nail itching?

It may be allergic. You can not wear it first. Use Iodophor for disinfection. The food you eat should be light and light. At the same time, you can take amoxicillin for treatment.
Magnet earnails are easy to fall, and you should be careful. The smaller the magnet, the less it will be.



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