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How do beginners order magnets? What do I need to know to order rare earth magnets?

Magnet application is quite extensive, almost all walks of life need to use this magnet, the problem comes, some just contact the novice friend magnet how to purchase magnets? What questions should I know or pay attention to when purchasing magnets? Let me share with you today.

In general, you need to know the following to order magnets, such as:

1597116235377432 - How do beginners order magnets? What do I need to know to order rare earth magnets?

  • 1. What material should be used and what is the performance?
  • 2. What are the requirements for the size and tolerance of the magnet? (Tolerance is very important to quotation)
  • 3whether to magnetize? If you want to magnetize, in what way, axial? Radial? Or pairs or multipoles?
  • 4. What is the highest temperature of the magnet working environment? Choose suitable materials according to the temperature. Like NdFeB magnet ordinary only temperature 80℃, if you use the magnet application temperature is higher than this degree, you need to change the brand oh.
  • 5. A quantity to order? The more quantity, the more favorable the price will be.
  • 6. Surface treatment? Zinc-plated, nickel-plated? Epoxy? Or something else.

If you need special treatment, please let us know.

Guess what you want to know about the grade number?

Each type of product is divided into several grades according to the size of the maximum magnetic energy, NdFeB such as N35 — N52, N35M — N50M, N30H — N48H, N30SH — N45SH, N28UH — N35UH,N28EH — N35EH, the more the price is higher! So, just fit!



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