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High temperature about 200 degrees with what magnet?

Due to the application environment, magnets may need to be used under high temperature, so it’s better to make it clear to the magnet manufacturer when you need to order magnets, otherwise the final magnet may not work, and the general magnet manufacturer will ask you.
Yesterday, a customer from wuxi called to inquire about a magnet, which is to use a magnet with high temperature resistance of more than 200 degrees. So what kind of magnet is good for a magnet with high temperature resistance of about 200 degrees?

This is a trapezoidal step shaped bread shaped magnet photographed yesterday:

1460858383412227 - High temperature about 200 degrees with what magnet?

Generally speaking, SmCo is more expensive than NdFeB, but SmCo magnets have much stronger temperature resistance and are more fragile. The overall performance of SmCo magnets is weaker than NdFeB.
Nd-Fe-B magnets are recommended for working below 150 ℃.
Below 150 ℃, NdFeB is the most powerful magnet, and its magnetism is much stronger than other rare earth permanent magnets.
Samarium cobalt magnets are recommended for working above 150 degrees.
Above 150 ℃, the magnetism of neodymium magnet is weaker than that of samarium cobalt.
The highest working temperature of NdFeB is about 200 ℃, while SmCo can work stably in the environment of 300 to 350 ℃. That is to say, after 150 degrees, the magnetic force of SmCo magnet is large.
Therefore, the final choice of NdFeB permanent magnet or SmCo permanent magnet depends on the customer’s specific use, whether it needs to withstand such a high temperature, and the price and cost of the magnet.



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