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Does the performance of the magnetic tile of the massager motor affect the motor?

The price of magnetic tile determines the quality, and the quality affects the performance of the motor. It is a ring buckle. If the pursuit of low price is blindly, it may eventually lead to unstable performance, but the loss is greater.
Share a real customer cases, under the customer name is not to say, before the customer is doing the electric toothbrush, cooperation so many times before, from which she might go out for a price, may be because the prices higher than other home slightly expensive, and then select the other home, suddenly behind was back to us, we said another magnet is not stable, can not open.
So, the price is high has its reason, we are also adhering to do not need garbage material, do not earn the principle of black money.
So massager motor magnetic tile performance is good or bad on the motor influence is not big?
The quality of the massager motor magnetic tile will also directly affect the performance of the motor, therefore, the motor must choose high quality massager motor magnetic tile.
Then what is the influence of the performance of the magnetic tile of the massager motor on the motor?
To say the influence of the magnetic tile on the motor of the massager, the first is the intensity of magnetic induction. Magnetic induction intensity and high and low and the speed of the motor is a direct proportional relationship, the higher the magnetic induction intensity, the higher the speed of the motor. The lower the magnetic induction intensity, the corresponding motor speed will be reduced.
And then the efficiency of the motor, the efficiency of the motor is directly related to the output torque, and then HCB. The motor output requires a higher EMF, which requires a higher HCB. Only by fully utilizing the ability of the magnetic material can the motor have a higher EMF. Then talk about the anti-aging and anti-low temperature ability of the motor. If the motor wants to be able to better anti-aging and anti-low temperature, it is necessary to have high HCJ. This is the basis to ensure that the motor can keep youthful vitality forever.
In addition to the above factors that affect the motor, there is also the size of the magnetic energy. The size of the magnetic energy is closely related to the working efficiency of the motor. In addition, (BH) MAX can also be a factor affecting the motor.
Massager motor magnetic tile has a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of the motor, is the basis and guarantee of the normal and efficient operation of the motor. If the motor wants to play a role normally, it is necessary to have high quality massager motor magnetic tile. It’s the same with our bodies: the whole body is healthy only when its parts are fully functioning.



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