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Does sintered NdFeB magnet radiate?

Today, I saw many netizens pay attention to the problem of whether sintered NdFeB magnets radiate to people. Some people think that NdFeB magnets are so strong that there must be radiation. Some people think that there is no radiation. Let’s talk about it with you today.
What is radiation?
The so-called radiation refers to the wave or particle flow that carries energy and diffuses from the center to the surrounding.

Does NdFeB magnet have harmful radiation to human body?

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Only the changing electromagnetic field can produce radiation. The magnetic field with strong radiation ability refers to the medium and high frequency magnetic field (the frequency is thousands or even tens of thousands of Hertz). For example, there are relatively high frequency electromagnetic fields in induction cooker, mobile phone, etc., and there is electromagnetic radiation. The Nd-Fe-B super magnet produces a static magnetic field. The static magnetic field will not produce electromagnetic radiation, but will produce a magnetic field, which will affect the signal of the mobile phone when put together with the mobile phone.
In a word, the strong magnet will not produce radiation, and a little distance away from the magnet will not affect the magnetic field.
Why does electromagnet radiate?
Electromagnet because of electricity, there will be some electromagnetic radiation, including some household appliances, the higher the frequency, the more severe the radiation.



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