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Do samarium cobalt magnets rust? Does samarium cobalt rust affect performance?

NdFeB strong magnets rust easily, so will samarium cobalt magnets rust? If it rusts, what effect will it have on its performance? So how to prevent the samarium cobalt magnet from rusting. Let’s get to know.

Does samarium cobalt permanent magnet rust?

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It’s also rusting. Because samarium cobalt magnets contain iron, they rust. However, compared with NdFeB magnets, the iron content is relatively low, so the rust phenomenon will not be very serious. If the samarium cobalt magnet is used in sea water, some rust spots will occur on the surface of the product. However, its performance and use will not be affected.
Why do samarium cobalt magnets electroplate?
We know that samarium cobalt magnets can be electroplated, such as nickel, zinc, nickel copper nickel, epoxy and so on. So why electroplating? Electroplating does not increase some costs? In fact, samarium cobalt magnet electroplating has three main benefits.

  • 1. Good appearance. Electroplated samarium cobalt magnets look less pink, so they look a lot better.
  • 2. Rust prevention. Although samarium cobalt magnets are better at preventing rust, electroplating is better.
  • 3. Shatterproof. Samarium cobalt magnets are relatively fragile, electroplating can effectively solve the fragile problem.

What is the processing technology of samarium cobalt magnet?

  • Batching – smelting – pulverizing – pressing – sintering – blank inspection – finishing

The temperature resistance data of samarium cobalt magnet are attached.
The maximum temperature resistance of samarium cobalt magnet is 350℃ (Sm2Co17, SmCo5 is 300℃).



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