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Customer custom-made magnets do not pay a deposit to arrange production?

With the customer price delivery time what all talked about, also placed an order, but do not want to pay the deposit how to do? Do you want to arrange the factory to produce magnets for it? To discuss with respect to this problem today!
I believe that a lot of magnet salesmen do for a long time will more or less encounter such a situation, that is not willing to pay a deposit, because he wants is not conventional, no spot, is the kind of customized, so how to deal with?
According to the normal process, customers should order at least 30% deposit to arrange production, usually around 30% to 50%. It depends. After all, it is the first time for the new customer to cooperate with us. Only with the customer’s deposit can we rest assured of production.
Therefore, without receiving the deposit from the customer, the risk of arranging production rashly will be impossible to estimate.

Customer custom-made magnets do not pay the deposit there are hidden dangers?

1. The order has been cancelled midway through production
Without any reason, a sentence, I don’t want, then no contact. You produce, production in the warehouse to wait for the Chinese New Year!
2After the arrival of the goods do not reject
Say the person does not have letter not to stand, but there always is such a person in this society, the goods sent to its did not want in the past, especially of a few other places, more troublesome. Then all the losses will be borne by the company.

Customer custom magnets do not pay a deposit solution

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In view of the above situation, in order to prevent accident, also we must demand customer deposits, in the case of customer don’t agree to advance deposit, resolute can’t cut in production, especially unusual magnetization way (size), once the customer cancel the order, then the products will not be able to sell only do the backlog of inventory or when waste to sell.
If the customer refuses to advance the deposit, which usually refers to the new customer, the only way we can deal with it is to cancel the order. In the case of no deposit, the risk of rashly producing is greater than the actual benefit. The most rational situation is to persuade the customer to advance the deposit and collect balance payment before delivery.



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