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Can the performance level of magnet be measured by Gauss meter?

About whether the performance grade of magnet can be measured by Gauss meter, similar topics are often asked by customers. Can we judge the grade of magnet?
In fact, it is impossible to judge the grade of magnet material with Gauss meter. The experienced can roughly judge according to experience. If the grade of magnet is to be determined, demagnetization curve measurement is needed.

Why do you say that?

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  • 1. It is not accurate to look at the magnetic field of a watch by light. The results measured by each person are different, because the position and distance may be different, resulting in different values. This can only be used as a general reference. In addition, the results measured by different brands of Gauss will also be different.
  • 2. For magnets of the same performance brand, different specifications, sizes and thicknesses will cause different Gauss values. In the case of the same magnet specifications, the thicker the thickness is, the larger the surface magnetism (Gauss value) will be.

Therefore, it is generally difficult to judge the material grade of magnet from the value measured by Gauss meter, which usually depends on the magnetic flux.
What can be judged by Gauss meter?
Gauss meter can roughly judge whether the magnet is good or bad. The surface magnetism of magnets of the same specification and different performance levels is different. In addition, it can also detect which side of the N and S poles of the magnet is, whether it is multipole (multiple ns on one side), etc.
The above is about using Gauss meter can measure the performance level of the magnet answer, magnet purchase plan can contact us.



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