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Can neodymium magnet surface engrave letters or words?

Hello, I want to ask if your magnet manufacturer can make our logo on the surface of strong magnet? John has met several such customers, but there is no discussion later. Most customers mainly want to carve logo and carving N or S. can you do this? Today, let’s talk to you.

Can neodymium magnets carve letters or characters?

The following figure shows the logo image carved on the strong magnetic surface (the picture is from the network)

1557732937513636 - Can neodymium magnet surface engrave letters or words?

As we all know, magnets are relatively fragile. One of its characteristics is that the stronger the magnetic force, the more brittle it is. Therefore, it is not feasible to carve with a knife. Generally, manufacturers of magnets that can be made also carve words or patterns with radium carving. The effect of radium carving is better than that of carving with sharp objects, and it is not affected by the surface hardness. The difficulty is that it is time-consuming and expensive to carve the magnets one by one. Therefore, there are few magnet manufacturers that can carve the magnets.
From the above, we can know that high intensity magnet can be used to carve logo and ns on the surface, which is more troublesome and will increase the cost of magnet.



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